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Fast payment of your sennder invoices within 72h

For transports operated on behalf of sennder, it is possible to opt-in to a priority payment option in order to receive the payment within 72h instead of 30 days.

Change payment terms
sennder Accelerated Payment

Your benefits

Improved cashflow

Get paid within 3 days instead of 30 days.

Full flexibility

Alter your payment preference at any point in time.

Convenient opt-in

Update your payment terms with just one click.

How does the sennder Accelerated Payment work?

With just 1 click you can opt-in to sennder's accelerated payment option and reduce the payment terms of your future sennder transports.


Select payment terms

Select your preferred payment terms in the form below and submit your preference.


Receive confirmation email

After you changed your payment terms, a confirmation email is sent to you inbox, to which also your self billed invoices are sent.


Execute transport

Complete transports for sennder and upload PODs as usual. Your new payment terms will be automatically applied to your self billed invoice.


Receive self billed invoices

We will automatically generated self billed invoices for your transports with your new payment terms.

Frequently asked questions


Can I change my payment terms at any time?

Yes, you can change your payment terms at any time using the online form below.

When does the payment term change apply?

After you received the confirmation email of payment term change, every future self billed invoice you receive will be created with the new payment terms. Please note that the change does not apply for self billed invoices you already received.

Update your payment preference for sennder transports

Choose between two options - accelerated payment (3 days) and standard payment (30 days).

Swicht between both payment options at any given time, according to your needs.

Take ownership and manage your cash flow now.

Thanks for changing your payment terms. You will receive a confirmation email within the next minutes.
Please enter the missing information which is mandatory to submit this form. Thanks!
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